About Traderline

Traderline is a software that allows you to get access to the most complete and tailor-made package for trading & betting strategies while using your Betfair account, and it's super intuitive and easy-to-use.

Traderline was developed for both initial and advance users. It offers the most advance features in simple and easy way to use. Traderline will provide you with all the tools you need to maximize your results while betting and trading.

With Traderline you'll have speed and simplicity allied to a in depth view of the Betfair markets.

Since its launch in 2013 Traderline has gained a large number of users and supporters due its simplicity and easy-to-use design, while keeping all the advanced tools needed to efficiently trade on Betfair.

Take advantage of the 15 day trial period and test this Betfair trading software.

Version History

  • Improved performance of Market opening and closing
  • Inserted NET feature button
  • Inserted a label showing the market bet delay
  • Inserted a label showing the Betfair Exchange that the user is currently logged into
  • Improved the Visibility of Trade Button
  • Other minor UI/UX improvements
  • Configure Rows and Columns size
  • Define a limit of exposure so the software prevents you from placing oversized bets
  • Improvements on Hedging and Trade button
  • Confirm bet placement with ENTER key
  • Close error messages with ESC key
  • Minor changes to the User Interface colors and labels
  • Market Status indicators are now more intuitive
  • Other internal improvements and major bug fixes
  • Bet placement is now twice faster!
  • Soccer Livescores are back!
  • Ladder Back Color was changed to improve the visibility!
  • Average odd was added to the ladder runner selection menu;
  • Re-added HOME events list;
  • Market names are now also available in Portuguese language;
  • Workaround to the API Release To Prevent Minimum Bet Abuse;
  • Changes to Settings Layout on Market View;
  • Added possibility to Pin the ladder window;
  • Changed the title on Ladder Window to make the runner easier to identify;
  • Modern UI/UX;
  • Simplified Navigation;
  • Betfair Stream API;
  • New Configurations;
  • More Personalization Tools;
  • New Betting & Trading Tools;
  • Live Video Streaming;
  • Simplified Subscription Purchase;